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Real Estate 

We offer many real estate services. Contact us specifically with your needs. 

Mortgages and Rent to Own Contracts
If you are planning to provide a personal mortgage to a potential buyer, allow us to draft a contract protecting your rights and ensuring the law is being applied correctly. 

We provide a variety of deed drafting services including but not limited to; life estate deeds, leasehold deeds, fee simple deeds and quitclaim deeds. We offer a consultation to go over your circumstances and determine what deed is right for you. 

 Tax Sales 
The city of Baltimore allows individuals to buy their interest in a property if taxes, water or other applicable fees are not paid by the owner or other interested parties. The Law Offices of James L. Rouse can assist you in purchasing a property and going through the city’s administrative process. Contact us for a tax sale presentation that may become one of your greatest investments. 

Property Tax Appeals
Baltimore City property taxes are notoriously high. The City may consider many factors in reducing the value of a property.  Contact us, for an attorney to review your taxes and request the city of Baltimore consider factors in reducing your tax liability. 

Foreclosures may seem like a very time consuming and confusing process. We have experience in contacting mortgage companies to negotiate options. We will manage the process and ensure you are maximizing your ability to save, sell or other determine the future of your home.