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The death of a loved one comes with the responsibility of resolving a decedent’s assets and finances. Many times this process is seemless and without conflict. Unfortunately other times this process comes with a need to resolve the particularities of that person’s estate. Allow the Law Offices of James L. Rouse to assist you with preserving the dignity and respect of your loved ones memory by ensuring their assets are fairly distributed. 

Wills and Trust 
Everyone realizes they need a  will. Unfortunately many families are left without the decedent creating one. Even more unfortunate is debate between family members on how assets should be distributed. Taking the time to create a will allows your family to grieve without undue debate. Contact Us so that your matters may be in order. 

Elder Law 
Our older generation is one of our glowing treasures. They worked immensely hard and are unfortunately taken advantage of when they become frail and weak. The Law Offices of James L. Rouse offers many services to combat the ill treatment of the elderly. Services include guardianship, conservatorship, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Medicaid and Disability Law, and Estate Planning. These services will allow you peace of mind, knowing your affairs are in order. 

Charitable Giving and Tax Planning
Determining where your assets can be a difficult process. One has to consider tax liability and other factors to ensure one’s heirs receives a fair distribution of assets. Allow us to navigate you through taxes, charitable giving, trust and other financial tools to ensure your family is taken care of.